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Each of our locations is equipped to handle any of your needs. Come on in to pick up your order, place your order, or just to figure out what you need. Our knowledgeable staff will get you back on the job quickly. In addition, we can help you track your orders; we automatically keep your sales records for two years.


The advanatages of owning a crimp machine will become obvious as your need for hose assemblies increases. Our sales rep's expertise can be passed on to the customer and assure proper crimping for safe production and operation. From crimp charts to die sets Austin Distributing will provide all the materials for a productive hose shop of your own.

Why Hydraulic Power?
Compact Design
High pressure allows actuators to provide high torque and high force from a  small physical package.
Designed properly, hydraulic systems are more efficient to operate than equivalent  pneumatic systems.
Hydraulic components can be combined in many different ways, providing various circuit designs while utilizing the same components.
Hydraulic power can be safely used in environments that electric power cannot.
No-Leak Technology
Modern hydraulic systems no longer need to be the leaky, dirty units buried in the recesses of a plant.  New technology allows for leak-free connections, and units are painted to prevent corrosion.
Some of the advantages of custom assemblies.
Plug-And-Play Technology
Out of the box and on to the machine in no time at all, with a minimum of required connections.
Technical Expertise
We know our products well, and can fit the best product to your application.  We can help eliminate guessing on sizes and material compatibility.
Less Hassle
One part number is all that is needed.  No more keeping track of a dozen different items to purchase and assemble.
OEM Applications
We can cut your production time, and your labor costs by pre-assembling components, making them immediately ready for the production line.
Maintenance/Repair Applications
We can help reduce down-time for maintenance.  For example, if a valve and several fittings are usually replaced simultaneously, we can pre-install the fittings for faster repairs.